Welcome back to West Kent 2023-2024!

School Calendar 2023-2024

A reminder that students should dress in warm clothing (hats, mittens, warm jackets and snow pants) as the weather has been cold this week.

A yellow information sheet will be going home today regarding booking info for upcoming parent teacher interviews.

West Kent School will be using School Appointments On-Line bookings for Parent-Teacher Interviews for March 7 and March 8.

We would like all parents/guardians to go on-line and create an account and book your child(ren)’s time(s). Once you have registered, please add your child(s) name under “Add a Student”.

On-line appointments will open for parents on Friday, February 23rd at 9:00AM for booking. You can register and book your appointment time until Friday, March 1st at 9:00 PM. Interviews are 15 minutes each.

For EAL parents who require an interpreter, there will be separate interview dates. Please do not use the online booking.


Specialist teachers (Phys Ed, Music, and Core French) will be available Thursday, March 7th from 2:45-5:15pm and Friday morning. If would like to speak with one of them and these times do not work for you, please contact them via email to book an appointment.